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Vest technology protects your privacy and security when you use the internet. So that means no prying eyes, no snooping advertisers and no risk of fraud.


What it Does Surf Safe With Just One Click

Once you are connected with Vest, you can be safe in the knowledge that all the information you send and receive over the internet is fully encrypted. You will be given an anonymous UK IP address so that your personal IP address is never revealed to advertisers, snoopers or hackers. In addition, Vest's built-in firewall protects you by blocking malicious websites and fraudsters at source. Vest can easily be configured in the settings menu of your device right out of the box.

  • Anonymous UK IP Address
  • Provides Full Encryption
  • Blocks Malicious Websites
  • Hides Advertisements & Stops Cookie Tracking
  • Optional Cyber Nanny (blocks gambling & adult material)
  • Public WiFi protection

How it works Safe in Seconds

No installation of apps or software is required and every device's operating system is already equipped to connect to Vest. Setting up Vest is a matter of just a few clicks, entering your unique username and password - and you're connected to our safe network.

Take a look at the set-up guide for your device:

Security Levels You Choose How Safe

  1. Full EncryptionEvery piece of information you send over the internet is encrypted - protecting you from hackers, fraudsters and snoopers.
  2. Anonymous UK IP AddressVest ensures that your IP address is privacy protected so that your identity remains safe.
  3. Block Malicious WebsitesVest automatically blocks sites with a poor reputation, such as spoof, malware and virus harbouring sites.
  4. Cyber NannyAutomatically block gambling websites, pornography and other adult content when your children are online.
  5. Vest

Testimonials What People are Saying

  • Vest VPNAndy ChenOnline Data Expert Vests is impressive because it puts the choice of how much information we share about ourselves back into our own hands.
  • Vest VPNHarvinder SinghInternet User It's great using Vest as I noticed that I wasn't getting any garbage popups of notifications of corrupted Apps which are not even in the Google Play Store. It is really effective software.
  • Vest VPNChris StevensParent Vest has surprised me in terms of how easy it was to get working on my PC and tablet which my kids are always playing around with.

Tips Tips & Blog

For those wanting to learn more, here are our hints and tips for protecting online privacy and security


Vest VPN
There are other search engines

We all know Google, Yahoo and Bing - the three biggest search engines. Why not try or, which are better for privacy and promise not to track your searches. They also aim to present less 'commercial' search results and provide more informative results.

Vest VPN
Browser alternatives

Many of us have got used to using Chrome as our daily browser. It does its job well - but it also has baked in tracking devices to allow Google to serve more relevant advertising to you based on your search history. Why not try SRWare Iron - it's absolutely identical to Chrome, minus the tracking. Install it here: SRWare Iron

Vest VPN
Spoofed or not?

Spam emails or 'phishing' emails attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in emails. Genuine sites rarely ask you to do this. Either way, using Vest will block sites which are not legitimate.

Vest VPN
Alternative email providers

Many email providers that offer free email and webmail services scan the content of your personal emails to serve you targeted advertisements. They may use it for other purposes too, but many privacy policies don't explain exactly how. Try using an alternative such as

Vest VPN
GPS reveals a lot more than you think

Mobiles and tablets use GPS or location services as a standard setting and some apps (such as Google Maps, Sat Nav apps etc) require GPS. Do you really need GPS to be on as standard, telling numerous private companies where you are all day & when you are not at home? Turn GPS/location services off and only switch on when required.

Vest VPN
Get fairer prices from online retailers

Price comparison sites and many retailers change their prices depending on your location and even put up prices based on your previous visits. Try private browsing, clearing your cache or visiting sites whilst connected with Vest to get 'cleaner' prices online.

Vest VPN
Disconnect now and then

The safest and securest computers, tablets and phones are those that are switched off. Rather than leave your devices constantly on and always connected, switching off and unplugging means you are less vulnerable to hackers and snoopers.

Vest VPN
Password security

Many people use the same password to log in to all their favorite websites and apps and often use passwords which are easy to guess. Try using randomly generated passwords from a password generator such as Norton's password generator - and use unique passwords as much as you can. Or use a service such as Last Pass to manage all your passwords.

Vest VPN
Your trackability

When you visit a website, online trackers and the site itself may be able to identify you – even if you've installed software to protect yourself. Take a look at this website that tells you how 'trackable' you are:

Learn about Vest See How Vest Works

Vest VPN

Vest access vouchers Pricing For All Pockets

Buy Vest access vouchers. From monthly to yearly

  • Monthly Voucher £5Buy
    • 14 day refund guarantee
    • Private UK IP address
    • No personal info kept
    • Block advertisements
    • Use on up to 3 devices
    • Tech support included
  • Quarterly Voucher£12Buy
    • 14 day refund guarantee
    • Private UK IP address
    • No personal info kept
    • Block advertisements
    • Use on up to 3 devices
    • Tech support included
  • Yearly Voucher £44Buy
    • 14 day refund guarantee
    • Private UK IP address
    • No personal info kept
    • Block advertisements
    • Use on up to 3 devices
    • Tech support included

Your questions answered Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network. VPNs were originally created for companies to give staff private access to network resources when they were out of the office. VPNs have always been encrypted with a high level of security and they are also ideal tools for improving individual privacy online, providing users with anonymous, secure IP addresses.

What makes Vest better than the rest?

Vest VPN is fully encrypted like many VPN services, but is a far more robust security tool because it dynamically detects online threats, malicious websites and ad serving websites, blocking them in realtime at source. Vest requires no software to be installed on your computer or mobile devices and there is no way a system can be compromised to bypass the protection Vest offers. Simply put, website content with a poor reputation is blocked, whilst genuine content is let through.

Why does Vest currently only offer UK IP addresses?

We are a UK based company and our systems are installed in ultra-high security data centres, ensuring the privacy and safety of our services. This level of security is not always available in other regions. However, as Vest grows and we are able to find only the most secure locations for our servers, will we roll out IP addresses in other territories.

How does Vest treat client data?

Vest does not record any information that is sent or received online by its customers. All information is fully encrypted meaning it cannot be snooped on or intercepted. Only you and the intended recipient can see the information you send or the content you download. All that is required from Vest customers is an email address and secure online payment to set up a new account.

Who runs Vest and why did you create it?

Vest is run by a team of online security and marketing experts with many years of combined industry experience. We started vest because we believe people should be given more choice about how they control their online privacy and security. We feel that convenience online often leads to sacrificing too much personal data and that individual internet users should have the tools, power and knowledge to reverse that trend. Vest's founders also want to combat the growing threat of online fraud and that is why we created a product which protects our customers' online security as well as their privacy.

Exactly how does Vest protect people from online fraud?

Our systems continually check the reputation of websites, putting fraudulent and virus-infected sites on a blacklist which is updated on a daily basis. Vest then prevent these sites from appearing until such a time that they are removed from the blacklist, if they are considered safe to visit once more. Vest also protects its clients against malicious apps on mobile devices.

How does Vest protect computers and devices from viruses?

Vest has a record of virtually every known online virus in its database and this list is updated on a daily basis. Vest works by preventing any virus infected files from being downloaded onto our clients' devices in real time, cutting off the virus at source and stopping infection dead in its tracks. All you would see in this instance is a friendly message telling you the virus has been blocked. On the flip side, if you have a malicious app installed on your smartphone or computer, Vest will stop the app from 'dialing home', preventing the leaking of data such as information typed into your device and/or files stored on your device.

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