Vest VPN

Vest VPN

Android Configuration Guide(includes brands such as HTC, Samsung, Sony etc)

1. Go to 'Settings' on your device

The 'Settings' icon looks like a small cog. Look for it on your home screen. Once you are in the 'Settings' section, tap on the '... More' option.

2. Select the 'VPN' option

Tap the 'VPN' option.

3. Create a new VPN connection

Tap the '+' symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen.

4. Enter Vest connection details

In the 'Name' box, type: VestVPN. In the 'Type' box, select 'L2TP/IPSec PSK'. In the 'Server address' box type one of the three server options listed below, depending on the security level you require:

Safe Protection
For anonymous browsing and website unlocking. Includes encryption and anonymous IP address.
Safer Protection
For anonymous browsing, internet banking and WiFi hotspot surfing. Includes encryption, anonymous IP address, ad filtering and third party tracking blocker.
Safest Protection
For anonymous browsing and families. Includes encryption, anonymous IP address, ad filtering, third party tracking blocker and cyber nanny to block adult content.

Leave all other boxes empty, except in the 'IPSec pre-shared key' box type: vestvpn. Finally tap the 'Save' option.

5. Connect

To connect to the secure Vest network, simply tap on the name of the connection we just created.

6. Enter your username and password

When prompted, enter your unique user ID (it will have been sent to you in an email and it is made up of a mixture of random letters and numbers). Finally, type the password you specified when you signed up for your Vest Pass. You'll then be connected to Vest - you'll know this because you will see a small 'key' icon in the top bar of your device (some devices show different icons, but you should have a visual indicator in the top bar to tell you that you are securely connected).

7. Reconnecting to Vest

When you switch networks or turn your device off and on, reconnect to Vest by tapping 'Settings' then tap '...More' then tap 'VPN' then finally tap the entry labelled 'Vest'.